The How’s and Why’s

I’ve decided to kick off this new blog with The Common How and Why Questions I hear when scheduling a Home or Commercial Inspection.

HOW much do you charge? (Yep, let’s tackle this one right away…)

Answer: Like many other Home Inspectors or Commercial Inspectors, I base my quotes on the description of the property. The style of construction, the gross living area (GLA), year of construction, additional structures, number of rooms, etc. all have an affect on what the cost of the inspection will be. For the most part, the average cost for my inspection is around $495.00* – without additional services. (Remember, the fee includes a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection – no charge – even if its FHA/VA.)

Why: Simply stated, the description of the property is probably going to determine how much time needs to be allotted for not only my inspection services, but also composing the report. The time that I spend on-site is only part of the time I put into the inspection.

HOW long does your inspection take?

Answer: It really depends on the house… plan on more than 3 hours.

Why: Consider which factors have an affect on how long the inspection will take. Realistically speaking, a property that is 150 years old with 2500 sq. ft. of living area, 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths is going to take longer to inspect than a 10 year old property, with 2000 sq. ft. of living area, 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. (And, thus it should.) Even if the inspection itself doesn’t take that long you may have questions that need to be answered about my findings.

HOW soon can I get you there?

Answer: I can schedule within  4-6 days. Appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Why: I realize I shouldn’t need to elaborate, but just in case: In this market there seem to be more “short sales” and/or buyer’s just have shorter time frames to finish their inspection and get all their Laboratory testing results. So if you think you might have a short window, best bet is to call our office before you have an accepted offer in writing and “hold” a time slot under your circumstances.

HOW do I get my report and when?

Answer: Home Inspection reports are sent to you via email within 48 hours – most are the same day. You should expect Laboratory results in about 5 days.

Why: Some property inspection reports take longer to compose reports for than others (I know; kind of self explanatory). For those buyer’s that have a small window of time, especially for laboratory results: there are many ways to expedite reports. Maybe place radon canisters and draw water tests before your inspection? Or maybe hand deliver testing vials to the laboratory rather than use a prepaid mailer?

HOW long do I have to cancel my appointment?

Answer: Maida Services has a 48 hour cancellation policy to avoid a cancellation fee.

Why: The cancellation policy is in place because of how far we schedule in advance. Obviously there are some exceptions to the rule, amongst them: if we are holding a time slot for you because you have a small window of time. Or, if you scheduled an inspection before you had an offer in writing. At this point your probably wondering “what’s the cancellation fee?” For those that are not exceptions, the cancellation fee is a hefty $150.00. This encourages people to keep in touch about their appointments.

* Average based on 2011 pricing.

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